July Newsletter

JULY 2020 - Levers Lockdown Newsletter

Alex Perry author and foreign correspondent talks about his Scottish ancestry

​We filmed Alex whilst at Wigtown Book Festival. He told us this intriguing story about his Scottish roots and the Barclay Family. How part of Scotland was lost in a bet on a walking race. Barclay the Cannibal who lived in the 14th Century. All this and more. You will love it.

Lindsay Jarrett talks about Alpha 1 Antitrysin Deficiency and how it has changed her life.

9 years ago Lindsay Jarrett thought she was mentally ill and going to die because she couldn’t breath but after 7 years of hell a young doctor diagnosed her condition as Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency. This is a little known condition but essentially stops the lungs working normally and eventually ends in death. Once Lindsay discovered that she was not actually mentally ill she tackled the condition as best she new how. She still survives and strives to help others who are or might be affected.This includes her five children. She has a remarkable story to tell you so watch and listen. You would be forgiven for shedding a tear or two. If you go to my vimeo site you will see two other videos which we have produced since this one.

Glencoe Sessions - Ashley Medicks talks about Skin Cancer

​Ashley Medicks is a good friend of mine and now helps me with this project. He has been a fantastic support to me over the last couple of years. It is not always easy to convince people to talk freely in front of a camera but with his help I have managed to film a great number of people many of whom have surprised themselves by telling us something about themselves, their passions and their lives. Occasionally they tell amazing stories that will touch many of you. In this video I managed to convince Ashley to be filmed himself. Skin cancers and other skin conditions can seriously affect many people both physically and mentally. Ashley will tell you how he tackled the problem when as a teenager he was diagnosed with Cutaneous T cell lymphoma. Now he is giving help and support to hundreds of people on a daily all over the country suffering the devastating affects that skin cancer and other serious skin conditions can have via his helpline. for further details.

1000 Faces Studio Session - Bryan Nelson

​A Life with Gannets

Bryan Nelson was the worlds foremost expert on the Northern Gannet and all its relatives in other parts of the world. (Sulidae)

I have had the great pleasure of meeting and speaking to Bryan during the last 2 years of his life. I wish I had known him when he was much younger. I did however film him speaking about his life at my studio and again at his house only a short time before he died in June of 2015. In the film he emphasises that he could not have accomplished any of the things he did without the dedicated help of his wife June. He recalls the time they had an unexpected visit from one of the Royal family whilst studying Boobies on the Galapagos Islands. He also tells us how fortunate he has been to live his life doing something he really loved.

The Globe Sessions and beyond

​I still have several videos from the Globe Session to edit and publish. Here is just one more. Also to come I have something exceptional from Chik Duncan with his dynamic recital of ‘Tam O’Shanter’ To memorise this is quite a feat in itself. Normally he would perform it on stage but in this case he found it difficult to rise from the chair of Rabbie Burns. If you get a chance to see him live then take it.

Also to come I have a video I recorded in my studio last year of the late Bryan Nelson. When talking about gannets it is difficult to stop him. Watch this space.

1000 Faces Scotland comes alive


I am now beginning at last to populate this website with images and films that I have gathered over the last 2-3 years. I would like to make this a journey worth travelling for you.

I am starting by adding films produced at The Globe Inn, Dumfries. This is fitting just now because of the worldwide attention being focused on Robert Burns, his poetry and songs. You will see and hear a selection of really interesting people ‘Giving their tongue a birl’ whilst sitting in Burns’ chair in The Wee Snug Bar. These videos will appear on this website and on YouTube under the Title ‘The Globe Sessions’

Once these videos have been uploaded I will move on to some of the other films I have made at various venues around the country. These will be titled ‘Studio Sessions’ for those I have done in my own studio at Dalbeattie. ‘Wigtown Sessions’ for those filmed at Wigtown Book Festival in 2014-15. ‘Glencoe Sessions’ filmed at the Glencoe Visitor Centre 2014-15. ‘Spring Fling Sessions’ portraits taken during my 2014-15 Open Studio. ‘Loch Arthur Sessions’ films of some of the staff and residents along with photographs of visitors to Loch Arthur shop and cafe taken during Spring Fling 2014.

Here is just one of the current videos you can see from ‘The Globe Sessions’